The corporate ambassador for gender equality


The Wo.Men@Work Award rewards the CEO who works hardest to achieve gender equality within his or her company based in Belgium. By electing such an ambassador every year, we aim to put gender equality under the spotlight thanks to one corporate champion and to spread best practices for women’s advancement at work.

The Wo.Men@Work Award is an annual award that honours an executive C-level manager (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO or member of the Executive Board), of a company or organisation established in Belgium. He or she pro-actively promotes gender balance and is personally committed to guaranteeing an equal representation of men and women in the company’s management and top management.

The Award is an original concept created by JUMP, supported by Coca Cola Enterprises during the first three years.


Our objective is to put the spotlight on the champion of corporate gender equality. By electing such an ambassador every year, the objective of the Wo.Men@Work Award aims to bring the debate to the national level and create best practices within companies that will stimulate the promotion of women in the workplace at management and top management level.


A number of awards already exist for a personality, a project or a company. However, the Wo.Men@Work Award is unique in that it celebrates and supports a woman or a man at the top of an organisation who, through her or his commitment and actions, actively promotes corporate gender equality in their teams and among their managers.

In Belgium, women represent only 18% of members on the Boards of Directors of companies listed on the stock exchange (2015 figures) and less than 10% of those on Excecutive commitees.

Did you know?

In the first Belgian “Women Matter” report (2012), McKinsey highlighted that in 92% of the companies surveyed, “CEOs are seen to be committed to improving gender diversity, although in only 62% of cases is this commitment regarded as well implemented—that is, made very clear for others to see. Perhaps not surprisingly then, in only 36% of Belgian companies is the commitment of senior managers’ regarded as well implemented. These managers are likely to take their lead from above, and until more embrace the need for change, gender diversity programmes are likely to have limited impact.”

Download the Belgian McKinsey “Women Matter” report 2012

Award key dates for 2014


29 SEP

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30 SEP – 7 OCT

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13 OCT / 17 OCT

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3-16 NOV

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21 NOV

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27 NOV

Award Ceremony

The 3 finalists will be invited to the Award Ceremony and receive equal attention whereby each candidacy and case will be presented to the audience

Award Ceremony

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